Considering geekwright Lockout Tagout?

geekwright offers a range of related services that can help you successfully implement and run gwloto.

gwloto in the Cloud

Run gwloto from the cloud, over a secure connection to keep your business data safe from prying eyes. You won't need to mange a server; you won't need to schedule backups; you won't need to worry about updates and patching; We do it all for you.

Your maintenance personnel will be able to access the information they need to safely complete their work from virtually anywhere, even from a mobile phone or laptop in the field.

This plan includes:
  • full setup of a basic gwloto system
  • our basic support plan with normal business hours response through the geekwright customer portal
  • business process mapping sessions with your own safety experts
  • tailoring tag and log sheet plugins to meet your requirements
  • work with your in-house trainer to help develop your training and implementation plans

Business Process Mapping

You know your business, your requirements and your safety procedures. We know gwloto. We can help you map your business knowledge into a successful gwloto implementation.


Your business is unique, and although gwloto is quite flexible, you might need a tailored solution. We would be glad to listen to you, and offer a quote for any customization needs.

Get started!

Put the power of geekwright and gwloto to work for you. Just contact us and get started today.

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