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Conceptually, a place represents the physical plant to which other gwloto entities relate, such as buildings, floors, rooms or pieces of equipment. A place serves as an organizational item that can hold other place definitions, control plans, or both. Places also serve as an integral part of the authority system that controls who can see and edit information inside gwloto. The assignment of places is not restricted to actual physical locations, and they can be treated much like a hierarchical set of folders, similar to the folders of a computer system.

Control Point

A control point represents a single measurable action in a hazardous energy control plan, such as the closure of valve or the opening of a switch. This measurable action can include instructions related to three phases, de-energizing, inspecting and re-energizing the equipment.

Control Plan

A hazardous energy control plan includes a set of control point instructions to be executed in sequence to safely de-energize, inspect and re-energize specific equipment for maintenance purposes. The control plan also contains information such as a hazard inventory, protective equipment requirements, and personnel requirements.


A job is the execution of one or more control plans. Jobs combine control plans with specifics such as dates, personnel, and work authorizations.


Media is the term used for files or links that can be attached to places, control plans and jobs. As an example, if the execution of a control plan will require a specific permit form be filed, the form can be uploaded and attached to the control plan for easy access by the maintenance personnel.


In gwloto, authority to perform specific actions, such as view or edit control plans, is granted to a user for a place. The user will have that authority for all places in the hierarchy that fall under the place for which the authority was granted.

Language Tools

Users with translate authorities will have extra tool buttons available on some screens. The language tool area will contain a language selector showing all languages defined in the system. Next to this will be a "Reload" button. This button will reload the gwloto data in the selected language. If a translation in the selected language is not available, the default language will be used.

If the system administrator has configure the system to make Google Translations available, a "Translate" button will be shown in the language tool area of editing screens. Clicking this button will attempt to translate what is currently shown in the data entry areas into the selected language. The results can be reviewed, edited and saved.

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