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User and Administration Guide

User Functions

Miscellaneous Functions

Set User Authorities

An option for User Authorities will be shown in the Action Menu if the user has edit or view authority for user authorities at the current place

  • Select User - Choose the user for Show or Save operations from the list

  • Show current authorities - Click the Show button to display the authorities for the selected user

  • Authorities - these are the authorities assigned at the current place, click the check box beside the authority description to set or unset the authority. The listed authorities are:

    • Edit User Authorities - set user authorities for this place and all places below it. This is the place admin authority assigned by the system administrator when creating a top level place.

    • View User Authorities - view user authorities, for example for security auditors

    • Add or Edit Places

    • Supervisor of Place - includes the user in the list of supervisors for this place

    • Add or Edit Control Plans

    • View Control Plans

    • Add or Edit Jobs

    • View Jobs

    • Add or Edit Media

    • Browse Media

    • Translate Places

    • Translate Control Plans

    • Translate Media

  • Save changes

The Active Authorities for User by Place listing shows the source of all authorities that are active for the selected user at the current place. Authorities are cumulative and apply to the place for which they were assigned, as well as all places under the assigned place. You can navigate to the place where a given authority is assigned by clicking on it in this list.

Clipboard Actions

An option to select the current entity (place, control plan or control point) will be shown in the Action Menu if the user has any edit authority for such entities. Only the most precise entity will be shown, for example, it a current control point is shown, no select option for the control plan or place will be shown.

Selecting the entity will bring up a page showing the available options, possibly including Move/Copy and Delete.

Selecting Delete will, after confirmation, delete the entity.

Selecting Move/Copy will copy a reference to the current entity to the clipboard. Once the item is selected to the clipboard, a select action for clipboard item form will be shown where ever such actions might be appropriate. As you navigate the system, the options shown will change as appropriate to the context and your authorities.

Moving an item will change the item's parent. With this, you can move a single control point to a different control plan, move a control plan from one place to another, or move a place (including all of the place's children and associated control plans) to a different parent place.

Copying an item will make a copy of the selected item into the currently active parent. With this, you can make a new copy of a control plan in the same or a different parent place, or make a copy of a control point into the same or a different control plan. Places cannot be copied.

If you have selected a control plan, and navigate to a Job for which you have edit authority, you will be able to add a job step referencing the selected control plan to the job.

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